Thursday, July 5, 2018

Be Seen and Be Green

5 ideas for planning an eco-friendly event

1. Make recycling super accessible

Generally, people really do want to recycle. But how to do it isn't obvious (especially at an event), the most common response it to give up and toss it in the trash. It’s important to make it a priority, and people get overwhelmed easily. Make signs to mark recycling areas clearly, and make sure the staff knows the drill, too.
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2. Reduce your paper trail

Whether you go digital or consciously print, include a message in your invitations about your zero waste goals. This helps hold your guests partially responsible, and a united front is always best, right?

3. Serve local food

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4. Seek out green venues

Whether it’s a space for the event itself or the hotels you recommend to your guests, you may find many green options just by searching. Look for venues that are sustainably built and feature low-energy lighting, energy efficient windows, solar panels and certified organic bedding and towels.

5. Use biodegradable or reusable decor 

There are lots of ways to go here – tablecloths, mason jars, bamboo plates and cutlery, even goodie bags and boxes. Both Green Party Goods and Eco Party Time are great resources for recyclable materials. Another way to be eco-friendly with your decor is to use the natural light and supplement with soy based candles. LEDs are an energy efficient option if natural light isn’t going to do it. 
Finally, be wary of single-use water bottles or individually wrapped items - they easily end up in the trash - which will eventually end up in a landfill. Instead of water bottles, for example, glasses and water pitchers are an easy option that reduces waste and elevates the experience subtly.

Unlike black tie, eco-friendly events shouldn’t really be optional. With the knowledge and resources we now have, celebrations and gatherings are better if they can be green. And you might be surprised how easy it can be. Here are five ideas for making your next event one that toasts the environment along with your special guests.

As much as we love the tradition of a printed paper invitation, using online communications will definitely save some trees. Websites like Paperless Post and Evite all have really unique, elegant digital invitation options that also help organize RSVPs. Or, use plantable or seed paper for your invitations. These materials can actually give back to the environment (and also give guests a cool takeaway). 

It's always best to choose local and organic. Using local growers benefits the community not just by supporting the famers and markets, and chances are, you'll taste the difference, too. Plus, you'll be reducing the wasteful transport footprint from food and supplies that would have to be shipped. Here’s a fun idea: include locally grown herbs in pots as a table favor, encouraging guests to garnish their own food.

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