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Six-figure fortune renting portable restrooms for weddings & events.

Eliza Kendall has turned a necessity into a winning business that shows no signs of  slowing down. She often has to hire sub contractors to meet the demands of busy weekend bookings. She generates biz with LinkedIn, a newsletter and sales calls.
Eliza Kendall has turned a necessity into a winning business that shows no signs of slowing down. She often has to hire sub contractors to meet the demands of busy weekend bookings. She generates biz with LinkedIn, a newsletter and sales calls.

Bestow the Bride: Unique Wedding Gift Registries

bridal couple cash 300
 September may prompt “back to school” mode, but wedding season has no end in sight.  So as many of us are either on our way to one - or anticipating being the star of one - wedding gifts are top of mind.

The trend in wedding gifts has shifted. The blenders and waffle irons are being traded in for more hip - and in many cases, more practical - gift ideas. Through specialized gift registries, happy couples today can ask their wedding guests to help them fund their honeymoon, indulge them with food and wine, or even give to a charity on their behalf.

Here is our list of the most interesting wedding registries available:

Savings Registries 
Honeymoon Savings:
The HoneymoonHoneyluna
Honeymoon Wishes

HoneyFund is the most popular, but most all of these registries are designed to gather cash gifts from wedding guests for the purpose of having it to spend on the honeymoon. Usually each couple will get their own web address from the registry, where they can send announcements, get gifts paid directly to them, and track gifts and thank yous. Gifts are organized by the parts of the trip, for example “scuba diving lessons in Kauai” or “bike rental for two in Tuscany.” A nice way for guests to help give a truly lasting memory to the wedding couple!

Home Savings:

Along the lines of a honeymoon registry (but with loftier goals in mind), allows couples to request money towards a future home or even just furniture and home improvements.

Charitable Giving
I Do Foundation

Charitable weddings are another way to celebrate. Couples can create a charity registry, encouraging guests to commemorate your wedding with a gift to their specially chosen charities. If Mr. & Mrs. to be are looking for traditional gifts but still want to give back, the site also has partner stores that will donate u to 5% of gift purchases will be donated to their favorite charity. The icing on the wedding cake? Brides and grooms can even choose to make a charitable donation in lieu of wedding favors or bridal party gifts—it's a wonderful way to thank guests for sharing a special day.

foodieFor Foodies & Wine Lovers
Wine Enthusiast
Foodie Registry

Not all of these new types of gift registries are so serious - but why should they be? Couples can register at for everything from glasses to accessories to the wine itself. At at, the Internet is your oyster...if you like oysters, that is. Seriously, if you are the couple who loves to eat out, this is a great way to stockpile restaurant gift certificates for lots of good times down the road.

Catch-all Registries
Maybe it’s a second wedding, maybe they just already have a house full of the staples. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a gift card. It skirts around the sometimes delicate situation of directly asking for money, yet couples can still be sure to select a gift they will love. At, couples register for gift cards from various stores, and can let their friends and family know about their choices via email.
Many couples still desire a traditional gift registry, but can’t seem to limit the retailers to one or two.  Both Knack and MyRegistry let you register for gifts from many favorite websites, but have the nifty feature of keeping track of purchases in one place. also provides smartphone apps that allow couples to scan products for the best prices.

So now that you have the 411 on the latest and greatest in wedding registries, why not set one up or suggest one to a friend?  And as always, if you have a suggestion of something not covered in this post, we’d love to hear about that, too!
Best, Liza

Understated Elegance: Porta Potties for All!

Originally Posted by Liza Kendall on Sat, Jun 09, 2012 @ 02:25 PM
Does anyone watch “Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding” on Bravo? Well, me neither - usually - but I do admit that it’s kind of fun. Like the Star magazine you only read on summer vacation, just to see which high heeled shoes Suri Cruise likes best, or what crazy antics that Snookie is up to now.
So I was really drawn in when I caught part of an episode where the shows’ stars - Kim Zolciak (The Real Housewives of Atlanta) and Kroy Biermann (Defensive End for the Atlanta Falcons) take their wedding planning reality show to a place that truly interests me. The bathroom, of course!
As a veteran on the event planning scene with almost a decade in the quality portable restroom business, I just had to see what Kim and Kroy were thinking in this bit Bravo calls “Atlanta Water Closets and Royal Restrooms.”  Since Kim emphatically opposed the thought of 200 guests using her home bathroom during the wedding, she had no choice but to go out shopping for porta potties.
Apparently, Atlanta boasts a central browsing location, a porta-potty “lot”, if you will. Money is really no object for these two, so the first option - a basic portable toilet - was immediately taken out of the mix, especially since the toilet paper covering the floor made it look like it may have been a while since it had been cleaned... yuck. 
The next level didn’t look much different from the outside, except that it was much cleaner within. The first thing you saw was a big chalkboard atop the john congratulating the bride and groom...which was just plain tacky, in my opinion. And where were the amenities? A little lotion and soap would have gone a long way.
The piece de la resistance of the day's potty tour was a trailer. It wasn’t very attractive on the outside, but it did look more like a regular in-home bathroom on the inside. Not sure what the point of a “welcome mat” is, though...except something to trip over on your way in.
elizaj trailer with tentI gotta tell you, though - shameless self promotion aside- my line of porta potties are much nicer. Too bad we don’t service the Atlanta area! (Although we do have franchise opportunities, hint, hint). ElizaJ portable restrooms are understated, attractive, clean and efficient, and they actually add an element of elegance to a special event without being over the top. Our Powder Room Comfort®Trailers offer separate bathrooms for men and women, amenity baskets with ElizaJ® and name brand soaps, lotions and scents (included in all of our rentals), plus air conditioning, music, and a solar power option! And the price is less than you might think. Really, the reason I personally designed the Powder Room Comfort Series® in the first place was to deliver ElizaJ understated elegance for ALL budgets (no construction units, and no toilet paper on the floor...ever).
So it is actually possible to use a porta potty that won't make you cringe. And who knew they could be so nice? Good to know, even if you’re not in the portable toilet market right now. But in any case, you should watch the Bravo TV clip if you have a few minutes...if anything, it’s good for a laugh!

Best, Liza

Wedding Centerpiece Ideas: Fun, Funky and Fab!

Originally Posted by Liza Kendall on Thu, May 17, 2012 @ 09:17 AM
Sure, your florist can whip up gorgeous wedding centerpieces, but sometimes we need a little off-beat inspiration!  Here are some of our favorites - for guidance to a talented floral designer or for those of you that are industrious, you can do it yourself!

can vase
Vase Not Want Not
Don’t be afraid to get creative with your vases, especially if you are a craft type on a budget! This centerpiece uses an old-school fruit juice can. Just fill the bottom with something heavy, such as small marbles or pebbles before you add water and flowers of your choice. Courtesy Better Homes & Gardens 

Beachy Keen
A wedding on the coast is certainly special, and a simple centerpiece is an understated way of carrying out the theme. Use any glass vessel you like, even mix them up between tables. You can use shells (or sea glass) you have collected, or you can buy them in bulk online at places like Courtesy

Eat and Be Merry
That about says it all... why not have your centerpieces do double-duty and give your guests some beautiful nibbes? The industry leader is Edible Arrangements, but there are other companies to choose from. Or - you could do it yourself!

Fall in Lovepumpkin
For a fall wedding, pumpkins can be a cool addition. Small ones can be placed under a hurricane with candles, or you could paint whimsical designs on larger pumpkins that match the colors in your wedding. If you (or someone you know) has a steady hand, you could carve your wedding date in different sized pumpkins with an elegant stencil. As seen on

Cupcake Tree
Along the lines of the fruit centerpiece...who doesn’t love a cupcake? Smaller versions can be place in the center of the tables, frosted in your wedding colors, of course.  Pretty to look at during dinner, and then when it comes time for dessert - it’s already there!
Photo courtesy

paper banded vasesBands of Gold... and Paper
Simple glass containers can be transformed into unique centerpieces to carry the motif of the wedding through.  Fit bands of paper and tape around containers, fill with simple white flowers. Or get bright and funky and use bright colored paper and flowers: anything goes!Photo courtesy Better Homes & Gardens

Wine not?
Wine bottles: a favorite for obvious reasons.  Use them on the tables as favors to go home, or place a couple of reds and whites on each table for guests to enjoy right there. Custom labels can be made online, at a variety of site, including getting really creative and putting different quotes or stories that relate to the bride and groom on the back label, too. From

under glassUnder Cover
This is a pretty centerpiece - turned upside down! Oversized goblets are turned over, candle on top, big flower underneath. Flowers that are sturdy enough to make a statement on their own - like peonies - are a great choice for this look. Courtesy

Fun, right? We'd love to hear what you think, and please share if you have any ideas to share. 
Best, Liza

New Trends in Wedding Cocktails: from Toast to Dessert

wedding cake cocktail
Signature cocktails have never been more popular, and many brides and grooms are using them to add some personal flair to their special event.  

Originally Posted by Liza Kendall on Mon, Apr 02, 2012 @ 01:28 PM
Signature cocktails have never been more popular, and many brides and grooms are using them to add some personal flair to their special event.  
The possibilities are endless. You can incorporate your color scheme by creating a cocktail in virtually any color, or you can go classic with the drink while putting your own personality into the glass in which it’s served or even what you want to call it.  And they’re not just for cocktail hour: signature drinks can be served in place of the traditional champagne toast, with dinner, or even with (or instead of) dessert.   
Here are some of our favorite ideas:  

1. Champagne toast…or not.  
Maybe you want something different…maybe you just don’t care for Champagne. One cool alternative is Sparkling Shiraz, which is actually a dry red wine that just happens to have bubbles.  Or you could try a classic Champagne cocktail like the French 75 – made with gin, Champagne, lemon juice, and sugar – which for some palates is more appealing than straight bubbly. Or, if you prefer beer, why not serve a round of a special microbrew to toast the happy couple? Beer has bubbles, too, after all!    
2. Create a cocktail menu from wedding traditions.  
This idea is sure to spark some conversation: have a custom sign made up to place at the bar with these four options… you can get creative with your own picks!
-       Something Old (e.g. Old Fashioned)
-       Something New (e.g. Acai Berry Mojito)
-       Something Borrowed (e.g. Your Maid of Honor’s favorite cocktail)
-       Something Blue (e.g. Blue Curacao Margarita)  
3. Rename a classic.  
If your new last name is Smith, you could serve good ol’ Martinis, but call them “Smith-tinis”. Or, you could always go the celebrity route and combine your first names like “Brangelina”… perhaps Jack and Molly’s signature drink is called the “Jolly”???    
4. Bring color beyond the flowers and dresses.  
Use your wedding colors to play out the theme with a special drink…a subtle touch that would make even Martha Stewart proud. If your colors are peach with green accents, for instance, you could serve peach Bellinis with a sprig of fresh mint or thyme poking out of the glass.  
5. Work your drinks into the rest of your theme.  
Beyond colors, lots of couples have an overall theme to their wedding – from a Tiki party on the beach to a vintage-style event. If this is your case, why not extend the theme to everything possible… Tiki parties are better with cocktails served out of coconut shells, and if you’re dressed in classic style, you’ll ass flair by sipping Champagne out of the retro style glasses instead of the more modern tall flutes.  
6. Let your garnish be your guide.  
Who wants a lemon twist when you can have an edible flower? Cocktails get kicked up a notch when you use interesting garnishes. Flowers such as Hibiscus are edible, and you can also use just about any kind of herb to adorn a beverage. Maybe a touch of lemon verbena for a Lemon Drop Martini… or for a big “wow” factor – how about a perfectly poached shrimp on the rim of a spicy Bloody Mary?  
7. It doesn’t have to stop at dessert.  
At that later hour when people are ready to get up from their seats anyway, you could actually open the party up for a dessert cocktail hour.  Open up the bar for sweeter sparkling wines, ports, cognacs or liqueurs… or maybe espresso martinis! There’s even a cocktail called “The Wedding Cake” – made with Amaretto, white Crème de Cacao and pineapple juice…it supposedly tastes just like a slice of cake.     

Does all of this sound great but high maintenance?
Time for a few tips so you can pull this off with style and ease:  
  1. One way to make serving up the signature drinks less of a headache (and less of a bottleneck at the bar) is to have them made up in bulk, and either served from a pitcher or passed on a tray.
  2. You should also always consult your caterer about the pairings of your cocktails with the food, to make sure you don’t create any yucky combinations. J
  3. And speaking of food, make sure you have the right proportion of food to drink, and plenty of non-alcoholic versions or options for your guests.  All in moderation, right?
As a final note, if the idea of signature wedding cocktails appeals to you, there is actually a website dedicated to the “design of the wedding cocktail.” Get some more inspiration here:

Cheers! Liza

Celebrity Weddings: 10 Ideas, from Fabulous to Frivolous

Originally Posted by Liza Kendall on Wed, Mar 07, 2012 @ 06:16 PM
It's fun to follow the stars, if not to pick up on style trends then at least to have a good chuckle at all their fanfare.  Some of their stunts can be applied within reason for us real folks, and some are completely over the top! When it comes to celebrity weddings, the sky seems to be the limit. 
So here some highlights of what certain celebs have done for their special days...and just maybe you can steal an idea or two for yours. 
1. Cake or Krispy Kreme?: Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian, Montecito, California
For dessert, the couple stuck with their black-and-white wedding theme and chose a six-foot-tall $10,000 wedding cake with eight octagonal tiers. But the finale of the evening might have been the best part: heart-shaped Krispy Kreme donuts were served to guests as they left at the end of the evening, and gift bags included jeweled flip flops, Voluspa candles and Kim’s proprietary fragrance.
2. Message in a bottle: Brooke Burke and David Charvet, St. Barts
This actually seems kind of sweet, and easily replicable for any ceremony by the sea. Before the end of the evening, this bride and groom put a handwritten message in a bottle and sent it out in the ocean.
3. An aisle of jewels: Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton, Boerne, Texas
blake shelton and miranda lambertThe Voice star Blake Shelton and his bride did a little "country couture" - instead of a flower bouquet, Lambert carried a four-pound brooch bouquet made of costume jewelry, wrapped with her mother’s vintage lace kerchief.
And making sure not to leave out the pooches, their three dogs Cher, Delta and Delilah also made their way down the aisle wearing rhinestone encrusted collars. Bow WOW. 
4. That's a lotta carrot! : Kelsey Grammer and Kayte Walsh, New York
No, not carats, as you might expect. For dessert, a 55-inch-tall (that's almost 5 feet!) carrot cake was served.  And in case that wasn't enough, guests also got mini ice cream cones and smoothies! 
5. Bollywood all the way: Russell Brand and Katy Perry, Jaipur, India
Are elephants a popular wedding theme these days? The guests at Nicole Richie and Joel Madden's wedding were greeted by a 47-year-old elephant named Tai, which Richie kept as a symbol of good luck. Well, Russell Brand and Katy Perry's wedding at a luxury resort in India also had a couple of these 'unforgetful' creatures. They had a traditional Indian ceremony which included two elephants who walked a red carpet and a wedding procession, known as the “bharat,” where the groom arrived in a buggy pulled by a white horse. He was escorted to his bride by Rajasthani dancers and camel riders. And to kick off their 5-day wedding celebration, it all started with a Bollywood-style feast featuring snake charmers, fire jugglers and dancers.  Cirque-du-don't-hold-back, right?
6. Family jewels: Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushneron, Bedminster, New Jersey
Ivanka wore jewelry from the Ivanka Trump Collection with over 42 carats of diamonds and the hefty price tag of $130,000. The guests didn't fare so badly themselves; parting gifts included custom Havaiana flip flops with the words "Jared and Ivanka" written on the soles. Hey, that's a good idea...and relatively affordable! 
7. From corn dogs to filet: Eddie Van Halen and Janie Liszewski , Studio City, CA
Although the main course featured upscale Niman Ranch Filet Mignon and Mojito-marinated prawns, the snacks just after the vows were mini corn dogs and hamburgers. Rock on!
8. Hey, big spender: Fergie and Josh Duhamel, Malibu
Can you say big celebrity bank roll? Fergie (aka Stacey Ferguson) and Josh's black-tie wedding was rumored to have cost $1 million. Some of the bells and whistles included the couple’s two dachshunds, dressed in bride and groom outfits, walking down the aisle to the “Peanuts” theme, and a 150-pound cake designed to look like a castle, that took four people to carry it!
9. Tattoo of love: Beth Ostrosky and Howard Stern, New York
It's never too late for a marrying credential: officiating the vows for "The King of All Media" and his bride was actor Mark Consuelos (Kelly Ripa‘s husband) who became an ordained minister on the Internet just one day prior. And never being ordinary, Stern opted out of the wedding band and had the letter “B” tattooed on his ring finger, instead.
10. You can dress her up, but...Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock, Saint-Tropez, France
pam anderson & kid rockIt started out pretty classy: the wedding took place aboard a yacht with Pamela fully clothed. But as the yacht headed back to shore, Pamela changed into a skimpy white string bikini and sailor cap, while Kid Rock tore off his shirt and puffed on a cigar. What else would you expect?
What are some of the ideas that strike you?  
Leave a comment to share the silly, the sentimental, and the stupendous! You never know, you might inspire someone else to take a celebrity wedding idea and make it their own.
Best, Liza

Wedding Themes and Trends: East Meets West

 Originallly Posted by Liza Kendall on Fri, Feb 03, 2012 @ 06:27 PM
Inspired by our new franchisee in the Rocky Mountain area, I thought it might be fun to take a look at some of the latest wedding trends from both the Rockies and ElizaJ’s headquarters: Cape Cod.
Some trends have a universal appeal, so there is a bit of overlap (mini desserts like cake pops, for example). But eastern seaside and western mountain weddings also have their distinct differences. Check out our short list of trends here for some inspiration, no matter where the nuptials are scheduled to take place - and don’t forget to let us know if you have something new to add to the list!
Wedding Trends: By the Sea    
  1. Sea candy: For very special edible wedding favors, guests might receive a box of delicious chocolate shells on a bed of magic rocks and sugar sand, or even chocolate oysters molded from an actual oyster shell!  Speaking of candy, another popular trend is the candy buffet or confection bar: guests help themselves with silver scoops and can fill their own bag for a take-home favor.
  2. barefoot jewelry 2Foot bling: For a beach wedding, some brides are wearing “foot jewelry” instead of shoes, sandals or flip flops.
  3. Circle ‘round: Couples who have smaller guest lists or share lots of friends are using non-linear aisles for the ceremony. Rather than a center aisle, the bride and groom-t-be enter from the sides and have all the chairs in a circle or in the center to symbolize coming together as one family.
  4. Clam it up: Clambakes never get old on Cape Cod... and guests love the chance to enjoy a feast with local lobster! Musical chairs? By getting rid of seating cards, the reception has more of a cocktail feel, and encourages more mixing and mingling.
  5. On purpose mis-match: To keep it natural and more casual, some couples are going with attire and decor that runs across a range of different styles and textures, while choosing just one color, giving a relaxed chic vibe to the day.
  6. Bright by the sea: Colors are bolder -- not as rich as jewel tones, but brighter than pastel. Think celadon green or sage, antique blue, even mustard yellow...
  7. Trash the dress? Some beach brides buy two gowns, including a “disposable” one that they can change into and wear while jumping into the ocean with the groom for photographs!
  Wedding Trends: In the Mountains  
  1. “Green up” the reception: Ways to do this range from using compostable paper goods (if you’re using paper), to asking your caterer to bring leftovers to a local food bank.
  2. Photo booth fun: Renting a photo booth with back drops and lots of props, so guests can have some fun as they contribute to your wedding photo album.beautiful red wedding dresses02
  3. Off-white: Wedding dresses are not just shades of white: black and red are two of the most asked-for colors this year.
  4. Big exits: according to, confetti canons and hot air balloon sendoffs will be all the rage.
  5. BE the wedding party: Some couples are doing away with the formal wedding party, and inviting only very close friends and family that are all an equally big part of their lives.
  6. DIY centerpieces: Instead of glam bouquets and centerpieces, couples with a crafty side might make paper flowers, or gather and arrange twigs, pinecones and flowers for a casual look.
  7. Hay there! Hay used for seating can be stylish and fun. Perfect for a rustic chic wedding.
Do you have any wedding tips or trends to share? Please leave your comments and share the love!  
Best, Liza   

What's Your (Funny/Nightmare/Strange) Special Event Story?

Originally posted by Liza Kendall on Fri, Dec 02, 2011 @ 10:50 AM
Happy December, everyone!
This month is filled with lots of reasons to celebrate. As we know, parties sometime have an unexpected punch... and I don't mean the champagne punch kind.
A quick Google search produces some pretty funny posts about the strange things that happen to people when they are celebrating. Here are a few of my favorites:

From readers of Real Simple magazine:
“The Tree Fell Over.”
My mom loves to recount the time our tree toppled onto some guests, spilling drinks on the gifts. Now we tie the tree to the window frame with fishing line.
“The Toilet Overflowed.”
Two hours before guests were to arrive for a Christmas Eve gathering, the toilet directly above the kitchen overflowed and water began flooding the bathroom and kitchen. In a rush to get everything under control, my son came zooming through the house with a sopping-wet mop over his shoulder—dripping directly over three baking days’ worth of cookies, pies, and biscotti.

“The Kissing Guy”
You know the guy.  He’s quiet all year at work, kind of awkward.  Pour a few scotch-on-the-rocks into him and he becomes a kissing machine.  Not pretty. Really.
“Gonna Make You Sweat”Do you remember that song by C&C Music Factory “Gonna Make You Sweat”? Well picture a full dance floor and a secretary and a male employee dirty dancing so much they were drenched.  It was like watching a train wreck.  No one could look away. 

What's your story?

Leave a comment and give your fellow readers something to smile about.

Best, Liza