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Bestow the Bride: Unique Wedding Gift Registries

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 September may prompt “back to school” mode, but wedding season has no end in sight.  So as many of us are either on our way to one - or anticipating being the star of one - wedding gifts are top of mind.

The trend in wedding gifts has shifted. The blenders and waffle irons are being traded in for more hip - and in many cases, more practical - gift ideas. Through specialized gift registries, happy couples today can ask their wedding guests to help them fund their honeymoon, indulge them with food and wine, or even give to a charity on their behalf.

Here is our list of the most interesting wedding registries available:

Savings Registries 
Honeymoon Savings:
The HoneymoonHoneyluna
Honeymoon Wishes

HoneyFund is the most popular, but most all of these registries are designed to gather cash gifts from wedding guests for the purpose of having it to spend on the honeymoon. Usually each couple will get their own web address from the registry, where they can send announcements, get gifts paid directly to them, and track gifts and thank yous. Gifts are organized by the parts of the trip, for example “scuba diving lessons in Kauai” or “bike rental for two in Tuscany.” A nice way for guests to help give a truly lasting memory to the wedding couple!

Home Savings:

Along the lines of a honeymoon registry (but with loftier goals in mind), allows couples to request money towards a future home or even just furniture and home improvements.

Charitable Giving
I Do Foundation

Charitable weddings are another way to celebrate. Couples can create a charity registry, encouraging guests to commemorate your wedding with a gift to their specially chosen charities. If Mr. & Mrs. to be are looking for traditional gifts but still want to give back, the site also has partner stores that will donate u to 5% of gift purchases will be donated to their favorite charity. The icing on the wedding cake? Brides and grooms can even choose to make a charitable donation in lieu of wedding favors or bridal party gifts—it's a wonderful way to thank guests for sharing a special day.

foodieFor Foodies & Wine Lovers
Wine Enthusiast
Foodie Registry

Not all of these new types of gift registries are so serious - but why should they be? Couples can register at for everything from glasses to accessories to the wine itself. At at, the Internet is your oyster...if you like oysters, that is. Seriously, if you are the couple who loves to eat out, this is a great way to stockpile restaurant gift certificates for lots of good times down the road.

Catch-all Registries
Maybe it’s a second wedding, maybe they just already have a house full of the staples. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a gift card. It skirts around the sometimes delicate situation of directly asking for money, yet couples can still be sure to select a gift they will love. At, couples register for gift cards from various stores, and can let their friends and family know about their choices via email.
Many couples still desire a traditional gift registry, but can’t seem to limit the retailers to one or two.  Both Knack and MyRegistry let you register for gifts from many favorite websites, but have the nifty feature of keeping track of purchases in one place. also provides smartphone apps that allow couples to scan products for the best prices.

So now that you have the 411 on the latest and greatest in wedding registries, why not set one up or suggest one to a friend?  And as always, if you have a suggestion of something not covered in this post, we’d love to hear about that, too!
Best, Liza

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