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Wedding Centerpiece Ideas: Fun, Funky and Fab!

Originally Posted by Liza Kendall on Thu, May 17, 2012 @ 09:17 AM
Sure, your florist can whip up gorgeous wedding centerpieces, but sometimes we need a little off-beat inspiration!  Here are some of our favorites - for guidance to a talented floral designer or for those of you that are industrious, you can do it yourself!

can vase
Vase Not Want Not
Don’t be afraid to get creative with your vases, especially if you are a craft type on a budget! This centerpiece uses an old-school fruit juice can. Just fill the bottom with something heavy, such as small marbles or pebbles before you add water and flowers of your choice. Courtesy Better Homes & Gardens 

Beachy Keen
A wedding on the coast is certainly special, and a simple centerpiece is an understated way of carrying out the theme. Use any glass vessel you like, even mix them up between tables. You can use shells (or sea glass) you have collected, or you can buy them in bulk online at places like Courtesy

Eat and Be Merry
That about says it all... why not have your centerpieces do double-duty and give your guests some beautiful nibbes? The industry leader is Edible Arrangements, but there are other companies to choose from. Or - you could do it yourself!

Fall in Lovepumpkin
For a fall wedding, pumpkins can be a cool addition. Small ones can be placed under a hurricane with candles, or you could paint whimsical designs on larger pumpkins that match the colors in your wedding. If you (or someone you know) has a steady hand, you could carve your wedding date in different sized pumpkins with an elegant stencil. As seen on

Cupcake Tree
Along the lines of the fruit centerpiece...who doesn’t love a cupcake? Smaller versions can be place in the center of the tables, frosted in your wedding colors, of course.  Pretty to look at during dinner, and then when it comes time for dessert - it’s already there!
Photo courtesy

paper banded vasesBands of Gold... and Paper
Simple glass containers can be transformed into unique centerpieces to carry the motif of the wedding through.  Fit bands of paper and tape around containers, fill with simple white flowers. Or get bright and funky and use bright colored paper and flowers: anything goes!Photo courtesy Better Homes & Gardens

Wine not?
Wine bottles: a favorite for obvious reasons.  Use them on the tables as favors to go home, or place a couple of reds and whites on each table for guests to enjoy right there. Custom labels can be made online, at a variety of site, including getting really creative and putting different quotes or stories that relate to the bride and groom on the back label, too. From

under glassUnder Cover
This is a pretty centerpiece - turned upside down! Oversized goblets are turned over, candle on top, big flower underneath. Flowers that are sturdy enough to make a statement on their own - like peonies - are a great choice for this look. Courtesy

Fun, right? We'd love to hear what you think, and please share if you have any ideas to share. 
Best, Liza

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  1. These are simple yet very attractive ideas for wedding centerpieces. Great post!! I am going to have night wedding at one of beachside Seattle Wedding venues. I would love to use this simple idea of carved pumpkin centerpiece.