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Wedding Themes and Trends: East Meets West

 Originallly Posted by Liza Kendall on Fri, Feb 03, 2012 @ 06:27 PM
Inspired by our new franchisee in the Rocky Mountain area, I thought it might be fun to take a look at some of the latest wedding trends from both the Rockies and ElizaJ’s headquarters: Cape Cod.
Some trends have a universal appeal, so there is a bit of overlap (mini desserts like cake pops, for example). But eastern seaside and western mountain weddings also have their distinct differences. Check out our short list of trends here for some inspiration, no matter where the nuptials are scheduled to take place - and don’t forget to let us know if you have something new to add to the list!
Wedding Trends: By the Sea    
  1. Sea candy: For very special edible wedding favors, guests might receive a box of delicious chocolate shells on a bed of magic rocks and sugar sand, or even chocolate oysters molded from an actual oyster shell!  Speaking of candy, another popular trend is the candy buffet or confection bar: guests help themselves with silver scoops and can fill their own bag for a take-home favor.
  2. barefoot jewelry 2Foot bling: For a beach wedding, some brides are wearing “foot jewelry” instead of shoes, sandals or flip flops.
  3. Circle ‘round: Couples who have smaller guest lists or share lots of friends are using non-linear aisles for the ceremony. Rather than a center aisle, the bride and groom-t-be enter from the sides and have all the chairs in a circle or in the center to symbolize coming together as one family.
  4. Clam it up: Clambakes never get old on Cape Cod... and guests love the chance to enjoy a feast with local lobster! Musical chairs? By getting rid of seating cards, the reception has more of a cocktail feel, and encourages more mixing and mingling.
  5. On purpose mis-match: To keep it natural and more casual, some couples are going with attire and decor that runs across a range of different styles and textures, while choosing just one color, giving a relaxed chic vibe to the day.
  6. Bright by the sea: Colors are bolder -- not as rich as jewel tones, but brighter than pastel. Think celadon green or sage, antique blue, even mustard yellow...
  7. Trash the dress? Some beach brides buy two gowns, including a “disposable” one that they can change into and wear while jumping into the ocean with the groom for photographs!
  Wedding Trends: In the Mountains  
  1. “Green up” the reception: Ways to do this range from using compostable paper goods (if you’re using paper), to asking your caterer to bring leftovers to a local food bank.
  2. Photo booth fun: Renting a photo booth with back drops and lots of props, so guests can have some fun as they contribute to your wedding photo album.beautiful red wedding dresses02
  3. Off-white: Wedding dresses are not just shades of white: black and red are two of the most asked-for colors this year.
  4. Big exits: according to, confetti canons and hot air balloon sendoffs will be all the rage.
  5. BE the wedding party: Some couples are doing away with the formal wedding party, and inviting only very close friends and family that are all an equally big part of their lives.
  6. DIY centerpieces: Instead of glam bouquets and centerpieces, couples with a crafty side might make paper flowers, or gather and arrange twigs, pinecones and flowers for a casual look.
  7. Hay there! Hay used for seating can be stylish and fun. Perfect for a rustic chic wedding.
Do you have any wedding tips or trends to share? Please leave your comments and share the love!  
Best, Liza   

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